Smooth Miniature Dachshunds

Proudly raising, showing, and loving World Class little hounds

Located in North Carolina USA,
we at Altan's Dachshunds are dedicated to
preserving size, type, structure, temperament and health
of the Miniature Smooth variety
in black/tan and chocolate/tan colors, solid, dappled, and pied.
This is not a commercial kennel,
but a well funded, well supported, top class breeding program,
conducted by a professional veterinarian,
producing only a couple of high quality litters per year.

We do not breed to satisfy the market.
We breed to preserve this wonderful breed and pass it onto the next generation.

We do not support commercial mass production of dogs.
We do not support amateur approach to dog breeding.
We advocate for quality and pureness.
Quality of care, pureness of pedigree, quality of breeding, pureness of thought.  

All our dogs are beloved family pets first and foremost,
in addition to being proven, competitive show dogs.

Our Values

Qualities we aim to obtain and preserve

Only dogs of top quality conformation and breed type as per the Dachshund Breed Standard
without compromises, allowing for a long healthy lifespan. In laymen terms, our dogs are head turners. 

Only dogs with supremely
balanced, stable temperaments and loving, loyal nature that are a pleasure to live with and are a proper representation of the Dachshund breed

Altan's Smooth Miniature Dachshund Puppy

Only striving for dogs of correct size and weight, we do not breed "tweenies", the oversized Minies. Our focus is on Miniatures that do not exceed 11 lbs in weight, our cut off point for breeding being 12 lbs. Occasional larger puppies are only sold for pets and are not retained for breeding.

Only dogs with excellent physical health, robust immune system, no environmental allergies, proper dentition and good skin and coat are selected for breeding, and we DNA and health test extensively for vigorous new generations.

Our Hounds

Meet our exquisite foundation pack

Champion Miniature Dachshund Smooth


*Miniature Smooth
*Black/Tan Dapple Dog
*AKC Champion

Miniature Smooth Dachshund Black And Tan


*Miniature Smooth
*Black/Tan Dog
*AKC Champion

Chocolate Kaninchen Dachshund


*Miniature Smooth
*Chocolate/Tan Dog
*AKC Champion

Rabbit Smooth Chocolate Dachshund


*Kaninchen Smooth
*Chocolate/Tan Bitch
*AKC Champion

Champion Dachshund


*Miniature Smooth
*Black/Tan Bitch
*AKC GrandChampion

Mini Smooth Dachshund Puppy


*Kaninchen Smooth
*Chocolate/Tan Bitch
*Rising star

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